The Prepper Movement

Can millions of preppers be wrong?

What is the Prepper Movement all about?

In cities, suburbs and rural areas around the country... individuals and families are quietly prepping. The preparations themselves and even the motives for prepping vary greatly. Some are preparing for tough times, some are preparing for natural and man made disasters, and others prepare for dozens of other "threats" and possible future events. Some start with home security, while others seek 2 weeks (or even 2 years) worth of food storage. Often times, the path of the prepper leads them to expand their initial goals and use their goal of self reliance to prepare for a number of possible circumstances.

What Motivates Someone to Start Prepping?

They prepare because they feel a yearning to be more self sufficient. They don't want to depend on grocery supply chains for their daily meals, at least to the extent that they can't eat if there is a storm or power outage.

What are Preppers preparing for?

Here is a partial list of what more mainstream preppers are preparing for:

  • Job Loss
  • Winter Storm or Natural Disaster
  • Recession
  • Economic Crisis
  • Inflation (increasing cost of living)
  • HyperInflation (drop in purchasing power, loss of savings)
  • Unexpected Family Event (such as disability or illness)
  • Temporary Gas Shortage or Power Outage
  • Loss of Electrical Grid (via Solar Flare or EMP)
  • Virus Outbreak (Swine Flu or other potential pandemic)
  • Terrorism
  • Home Invasion
  • Martial Law
  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical threats